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or known by friends and family as COCO. I am the momma to the sweetest st berdoodle there ever was, a total travel junky, your personal hype woman and the face behind courtney marie productions.


I've always had a love for capturing special moments from behind the lens. It wasn't until a few  years ago i began my journey as a wedding videographer. With each and every couple and unique story I truly grow to love it more and more every day and continue to see the importance of a wedding film. The sounds, the movement, the emotions- it's something that the second you hit play all those feelings from your day start flooding right back. 


I am a lover of love (I mean I did grow on Disney fairytales and Hallmark movies ) and storytelling is my passion. Getting to be a part of capturing someone's big day, is truly something special. enough about me...


the second half of the sister duo! I’m a city girl turned country as my husband and I build our dream homestead on a little plot of land, and a mother to three amazing kids. I’ve always admired Courtney’s eye for photography, ability to create film, and skill behind the camera. I was ecstatic when she finally agreed to turn her hobby into a side biz! When she asked me to come along for her first couple of weddings, I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know much about videography. But with (a lot) of patience and persistence, Courtney has taken me under her wing and taught me so much. We’ve put in some long hours and hard work, and I’m proud of how far I’ve come in just a short amount of time. I mean, come on, I’m learning from the best! After a couple weddings, I was hooked and was honored to be her official second shooter and second half of CMP. And now ‘this side biz’ has turned into a full time gig and I couldn’t be happier!


 My favorite part of shooting is seeing the love between not only the bride and groom, but between the couple and their friends and family throughout the day as well. There are so many raw and emotional moments. Through the ‘first looks’, speeches, and first dances, I find myself having to blink away tears at times 😆  I love capturing the genuine moments of love and happiness that I get to witness during a wedding day. What an honor it is to be apart of something so raw, emotional, and filled with love like a wedding day! To be able to capture these ‘memories in the making’ and give our clients a beautiful film to look back on and relive forever, is something that I’ll always hold near to my heart!

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